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So About That One Time I Was in Glamour Magazine...

Glamour scoured the country for women who’ve launched companies in the last three years and asked our panel of advisers to select five from the best of the best. These winners’ ideas are big and bold. Remember their names – and soak up their advice.” 


Photograph courtesy of Glamour. Photographer: Andy Ryan

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Empowering Entrepreneurs to Make Power Moves Towards Investment

Last week I drove to Detroit for PowerMoves@Detroit where minority entrepreneurs from around the country were brought together with various investors. I participated last year in PowerMoves.NOLA where I was selected to pitch BOLD Guidance on stage at the ESSENCE Festival to compete for $25,000. The connections with entrepreneurs and investors were so phenomenal in New Orleans last year that I was ecstatic to see they were having something in the Midwest! PowerMoves.NOLA brings early-stage and high-growth minority entrepreneurs together to gain access to capital, advisors, and support to help them be successful. For all my high-growth, minority entrepreneurs and investors interested in good deals, you want to get involved with PowerMoves.NOLA!

Photo Courtesy of PowerMoves.NOLA

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Five Lessons Women Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Scandal

Many people are a fan of TGIT (Thank Goodness It’s Thursday) and love to watch #Scandal. There’s nothing like watching a powerful woman save some of the most powerful politicians from a big mess that they most likely created. There is also a lot we can learn from Olivia Pope and her Gladiators to help our own businesses. Managing a company is full of new challenges and opportunities and Olivia Pope and Associates navigate it well, which is why there are five lessons women entrepreneurs can learn from Scandal.

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The Struggle is Real: Three Reasons Why Being a Woman Entrepreneur Is Stressful

Yesterday I learned that Titi Branch, Co-Founder of Miss Jessie’s (one of the most popular natural and curly hair products in the country) passed away this weekend from apparent suicide. Titi Branch’s death brings up a major issue about the challenges women entrepreneurs face and the pressure we feel to excel. The following are three reasons why being a woman entrepreneur is daunting at times.

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