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So About That One Time I Was in Glamour Magazine...

Glamour scoured the country for women who’ve launched companies in the last three years and asked our panel of advisers to select five from the best of the best. These winners’ ideas are big and bold. Remember their names – and soak up their advice.” 


Photograph courtesy of Glamour. Photographer: Andy Ryan

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It’s Bigger than Me. It’s Bigger than You.

As I read this email first thing in the morning, it brought tears to my eyes. I think sometimes we forget how much we affect and have an impact on others merely by our presence and not just directly through the work we do. As I reflected on this email, it made me think about how the work I do is so much bigger than me. You never know who suddenly gathers the courage to step out and be phenomenal because they saw someone who looked like them do the same thing.  

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Creating a Company on Your Own Terms - Miss Jessie’s Book Review

Miko and Titi Branch, founders of Miss Jessie’s, revolutionized the hair care industry by catering to an overlooked group of women – women with curly hair. Their book, Miss Jessie's: Creating a Successful Business from Scratch - Naturally, shares Miko and her sister’s journey in developing the concept of Miss Jessie’s to launching their products across major retailers around the country.  Of course as a fellow business owner, I was interested in the lessons I could learn around starting and growing a company (although many of the lessons are applicable in life, period). Here are some of the key themes I pulled from the book about creating a company on your own terms.

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Five Lessons Women Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Scandal

Many people are a fan of TGIT (Thank Goodness It’s Thursday) and love to watch #Scandal. There’s nothing like watching a powerful woman save some of the most powerful politicians from a big mess that they most likely created. There is also a lot we can learn from Olivia Pope and her Gladiators to help our own businesses. Managing a company is full of new challenges and opportunities and Olivia Pope and Associates navigate it well, which is why there are five lessons women entrepreneurs can learn from Scandal.

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