So About That One Time I Was in Glamour Magazine...

Yes, you read that right. I am featured in the April issue of Glamour magazine as a winner of a national competition for women entrepreneurs.

According to Blaire Briody, “Glamour scoured the country for women who’ve launched companies in the last three years and asked our panel of advisers to select five from the best of the best. These winners’ ideas are big, bold, and bada$$ (have to improvise since I don’t cuss), and their companies could become the next Etsys and Ubers of the world. Remember their names – and soak up their advice.”

Not only am I excited that I was selected in a national search to feature my software company, BOLD Guidance, but I’m even more excited to be able to encourage other entrepreneurs (especially women in Glamour's case) to pursue their dreams of starting a company. I'm excited to give advice to women that the no's shouldn't stop you from moving forward in building your business. I'm excited to show aspiring entrepreneurs that you have something wonderful to give the world and shouldn’t give up on bringing it to them.

The last three years haven't been easy by any means. I have leaned heavily on my mentors to teach me how to attract the right customers and how to build a product that would sell. I relied on them to educate me on how to build an investment ready company, so I could raise $500,000 in a little over a year. I’m grateful for the national recognition of the hard work I have put in to build my software company, but I’m even more grateful to have the opportunity to help others build and grow their businesses too. I will soon be launching several workbooks on how to take your startup to the next level ranging from topics on how to find your ideal paying customer, to how to raise money for your startup, and how to build an international brand. I will also be hosting a bootcamp webinar on how to find your ideal paying customer. I've been blessed to accomplish a lot over the last three years from starting a software company as a non techie; to raising $500,000 in 14 months; to being featured in INC, Black Enterprise, FORTUNE, and Glamour; and being invited to The White House.

I stated in the Glamour article, “Walk with confidence, but don’t be afraid to ask for help. Even the President has a cabinet of advisers.” I take that statement to heart as I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for countless mentors and advisers helping and guiding me along the way. That’s why it’s important for me to do the same. It’s important to share my experiences and lessons with others to help them build their businesses. Having one-on-one conversations are great as I am able to dig deep into providing specific solutions for an entrepreneur, but I also want to help the masses. And one thing I learned from starting a software company is that I can’t scale myself, but I can scale technology. So here I am again, leveraging technology to educate the masses on how to make and raise money for their startups through workbooks and webinars. But more importantly, I’m happy to be able to share my startup lessons and experiences with all of you, so you can also build your dream business with confidence and create the life you desire.

If you are interested in taking your idea or business to the next level, click here to get a sneak preview of my workbooks and sign up for my upcoming bootcamp.

Click here to read the full Glamour article and see the other phenomenal women entrepreneurs that are featured. 


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