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So About That One Time I Was in Glamour Magazine...

Glamour scoured the country for women who’ve launched companies in the last three years and asked our panel of advisers to select five from the best of the best. These winners’ ideas are big and bold. Remember their names – and soak up their advice.” 


Photograph courtesy of Glamour. Photographer: Andy Ryan

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What to Do When Your Website Is Down: How Airbnb Responded

We all know technology is great, when it works. And the reality is that it will not always work properly. I saw this Sunday when Airbnb's website was not working?! Airbnb makes at least an average of $7.2Million dollars a day. So they can lose $300,000 for every hour their website is down. So here are a few tips on what to do when your website is down using Airbnb’s response as an example. 

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