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How to Raise Money for Your Startup: Create Milestones and Money

Two of the most important things an entrepreneur needs in her business are goals and revenue. If your company isn’t making money (or raising money) then you are not a business. But knowing the right milestones and goals to pursue that positions your company for growth and investment can be confusing. Once I started to understand how to create Revenue-Generating Milestones™ and tying them to action items and dollar signs, I was in a much better place to position my company to generate revenue and be attractive to investors. To help you move further along, here are five tips and a FREE workbook that will help you create Revenue-Generating Milestones™ and money.

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Empowering Entrepreneurs to Make Power Moves Towards Investment

Last week I drove to Detroit for PowerMoves@Detroit where minority entrepreneurs from around the country were brought together with various investors. I participated last year in PowerMoves.NOLA where I was selected to pitch BOLD Guidance on stage at the ESSENCE Festival to compete for $25,000. The connections with entrepreneurs and investors were so phenomenal in New Orleans last year that I was ecstatic to see they were having something in the Midwest! PowerMoves.NOLA brings early-stage and high-growth minority entrepreneurs together to gain access to capital, advisors, and support to help them be successful. For all my high-growth, minority entrepreneurs and investors interested in good deals, you want to get involved with PowerMoves.NOLA!

Photo Courtesy of PowerMoves.NOLA

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5 Reasons Why the 1% Is the Worst for Entrepreneurs and Investors

I recently went to Black Tech Week in Miami and heard some great speakers that have been pioneers in the tech and investment space. During the conference an investor shared how out of all the venture capital-backed companies in the country, only 1% have African-American founders and only 8% have a woman founder (CB Insights). Wait, African-Americans make up over 13 % of the population and women make up over 50%. So why are we only in the single-digits for receiving venture capital? I think the reasons lie with both the companies and investors.

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