How to Make the Leap From Employee to Entrepreneur

Making the jump from employee to full-time entrepreneur can be scary...BUT it doesn't have to be.

I've been an entrepreneur now since 2010, raised $1/2 million for my own software company, and have coached entrepreneurs for over 12 years on how to launch and grow a six-figure business. I’ve even managed two business accelerators, where entrepreneurs have collectively made over $3.6 million in a few years.

However, moving from a full-time employee with a business on the side to a full-time entrepreneur can be scary.

Some real fears:

What if this doesn't work?

How can I make sure I can pay my bills?

How can I be sure I can take care of my family?

There are ways to overcome these fears with the right plan in place. Watch the video to learn detailed strategies on how to move from employee to entrepreneur:

1) List all monthly personal and business expenses

2) Make a revenue and savings plan

3) Plan the activities and resources needed


*Tips begin around 1:10.


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