3 Things Entrepreneurs NEED to Build a Six (and Seven) Figure Business

I had dozens of entrepreneurs who responded to my request for a favor last week to learn more about what they NEEDED to know about growing a six (and seven) figure business.


Here are the top three themes that kept coming up:

1) How do I get more customers, faster

2) How do I position my business to raise money

3) How do I put plans and systems in place to grow.


So… I want to share a few tips on how to address your biggest challenges, along with an invitation to join me for a live FREE training:

1)     How to Attract More of the Right Paying Customers

I remember being on the struggle bus trying to CONVINCE my customers to pay me what I was worth. A lot of people were excited about what I was offering…they were viewing my website, but when it came down to pulling out their credit card – CRICKETS…

Why. Won’t. More. People. Buy?! It’s because I wasn’t speaking to them in THEIR language – both in my marketing material or in person. They weren’t resonating with what I was saying. I was winging every sale, meaning every time I talked with someone, I said something different tailoring my message to them. Sometimes, I was successful… and a lot of times I wasn’t it.

It wasn’t until I realized a way to really connect with my customers core challenges, share with them a transformational solution, and created a predictable way to close leads into sales that I started to see my revenue grow.  

2) How to Raise Money

For over 4 years, I worked as a funder giving money to entrepreneurs (in addition to raising $500,000 for my tech company). The #1 thing I learned that funders are looking for - how they are going to get back more of a return (money) than they gave you!

I needed to be able to clearly show them my Revenue Roadmap of how much money I would make and how I planned on making the money. AND it needed to be a detailed strategy with names and numbers. Once I realized this, it was a game changer! Sure, I had my 3-year projections, but most investors don't believe those numbers anyways. It wasn't until I could outline in detail every month how I was going to make the money they wanted back that they wrote me the first six figure check (and the 2nd one and the 3rd one). 


3) How to create systems and structure to grow

Six years ago, I decided to start my own software company… as a first-time non-technical founder. I didn’t know what to do! How in the world was I supposed to develop my product, hire my team, find the right systems to manage operations and customer service, and grow this business to make a lot of money for my investors?

I needed a strategy and quick! That’s when I came up with my 18-Month GAP (Growth Action Plan) System that helped me outline exactly what and who I needed to reach my revenue goals AND when I needed all these things. This helped me to get organized, stay focused, and build a business that could be scalable and sustainable.


Do you want to attract more of the right paying customers, raise money, or create more structure to grow your business?

Join me LIVE on my free masterclass on Wednesday. Register Here.


This free training has helped over 200 entrepreneurs grow their businesses to get beyond paying bills and making a living to gaining true financial freedom. Hope to do the same for you because I wholeheartedly believe we do better when we all come up together.



Founder of Bold Startups


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