50+ Page Workbook on How to Finally Launch Your Business Successfully

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50+ Page Workbook on How to Finally Launch Your Business Successfully


In this 4-part workbook series, you will receive 50+ pages of hands-on exercises and learn:

  •    How to Identify Your Ideal Customer
  •    What Customers Are Willing to Spend
  •    How to Create the Right Message That Will Grab Your Customers' Attention
  •    What to Measure to Find out Who Your Real Customers Are
  •    …and more!
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How to Find Your Ideal Paying Customer Workbook

Without paying customers, your business is just an idea. And the longer you struggle to find those customers, the more expensive your idea becomes.

Some marketers will tell you that just getting people onto your website or into your store is half the sales battle. But what many of them don’t say is that just bringing in traffic isn’t enough. You have to bring in the right traffic. People who actually want your product or service and are willing to pay for it.

Sure, more traffic means that more people know about you, but if nobody buys anything, your idea will never become a successful business.

So why spend any more time and effort marketing to the wrong customers?

Instead, let me help you find your ideal customers, the ones who are dying to use your product or service and can’t wait to hand you money for the privilege.

Inside the Workbook

Hands-On Exercises:

·       Customer Deep Dive. Get into the mind of your ideal customers and find out what drives them. What are their dreams, desires, and problems? What are the financial, emotional, and rational reasons for buying your product?

·       Competitor VS Partner Opportunity. Learn more about your competition. What can their customers expect from them What sets you and your products or services apart from anyone else’s? How can you leverage that to set up your business for success?

·       Content That Sales. Now that you know who your customers are and what you can offer them, it’s time to engage them. I’ll walk you through writing 2-4 messages that speak directly to your ideal customer.

·       Create a Targeted Customer Survey. Develop your own custom surveys to help you better understand your customers. Identify audience demographics, such as age, profession, location, interests, and more.


·       Measures of Success. How do you know if your marketing strategies are working? How do you measure success Identify metrics that matter most to your business and find ways to measure them.

·       A Study of Facebook Ads and Google Analytics. Understand the metrics already available from Facebook and Google such as age, location, profession, when customers visit your site and pages, etc. Learn how to maximize your marketing efforts.

Success Today, Success Tomorrow

The practical, actionable skills you’ll learn in the How to Finally Launch Your Business Successfullyworkbook are key to long-term success.

Could you hire a marketing firm to do it all for you? Sure. But that’s like giving a man a fish instead of teaching him to fish.

Once you master the art of finding the right customers for your current offerings, you’ll be able to harness your knowledge to find buyers for new products and services you create in the future as well.

Are you ready to turn your idea into a successful business? Are you ready to end the struggle to make sales and learn from someone who’s been there?

Then purchase your workbook today for just $99.99.

Trust me. When you start attracting the right kind of customer, this workbook will pay for itself!

Get the How to Finally Launch Your Business Successfully workbook today!

I am ready!

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