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If you are looking to leave your 9-5 and work full-time on your dream, if you have an idea but aren't sure how to build a business around it, if you have a startup but can't grow it or raise the investment money you need -- then keep reading!

You being on this page means you are ready to take your idea and business to the next level and I'm here to help you do that! Learn from someone who has been in your shoes and understands how to go from an idea to building a successful company (and raising money). I don't give general theory that can apply to anyone (that's not my style), but rather concrete steps and advice for your business that you can implement right away - saving you valuable time and money. While working with me, you will:

STRATEGIZE: Receive a deeper understanding of your business and the process to attract your ideal customers or investors.

Startup Advice Nichelle McCall

EXECUTE: Receive actionable steps you can implement right away to go to the next level. 

Startup Help Nichelle McCall

CONNECT: Get connected to resources (and people) to help your business grow.


Coaching Options

One Hour Session: Do you have some issues or questions that you need quick and immediate answers for your business? Then sign up for a one hour coaching session and let's work through your biggest challenges, so you can keep moving forward in your business. You can sign up whenever you need help. No long-term commitment. 

Ongoing Monthly Support: Are you needing support on a regular basis? Are you ready to take your business to the next level, but need someone to work through the process with you? Maybe you want to go from Idea to Investment and need a partner to work with you through this? Sign up for our monthly membership, which includes bi-weekly (twice a month) calls and ongoing accountability. 


What other people are saying

Terre Holmes Arnold, CVO,

Huntsville, Alabama

I highly recommend Nichelle as a coach, business woman, adviser to anyone looking, as she is very knowledgeable about tech startups. I had a thousand questions for Nichelle regarding a tech business my partner and I were looking to start, Nichelle answered a thousand and one! She's not only a super smart woman, she shares her knowledge generously, making her such a great example for other entrepreneurs.

Char Graham, Founder/Creative Director of Touch Cleveland, LLC

Cleveland, Ohio

Nichelle has a kindred spirit that gravitates towards other passionate and professional individuals that are striving to build their ideas. She possess a distinct ability to understand the overall vision of an idea, suggest opportunities within the course of actions, and provide practical step-by-step recommendations on how to execute those plans.

Aisha DaCosta.jpg

Aisha DaCosta, Founder, I Am O'Kah! Inc.

Baltimore, MD

Knowing that my coach journeyed the same path that I am on was critical. I do not have a tech background but working with Nichelle provides reassurance that I can still identify viable solution for the market place. After working with her to do market analysis, we discovered a need to pivot from the original idea to a more immediate need in the market space. I definitely recommend Nichelle as a coach. I believe that without her guidance I would make some very costly and unnecessary mistakes. 

Paul Brunson and Oprah Winfrey.PNG

Paul C. Brunson, Host and Founder, Black Enterprise and KnowledgeShare

Washington, D.C.

Nichelle is going to emerge as one of the top coaches and consultants in this country.

Watch his video endorsement here. 



Take the easy route and learn from someone who has already done it, instead of continuing to try to figure it out on your own. Book your session now to get started!