Empowering Entrepreneurs to Make Power Moves Towards Investment

Last week I drove to Detroit for PowerMoves@Detroit where minority entrepreneurs from around the country were brought together with various investors. I participated last year in PowerMoves.NOLA where I was selected to pitch BOLD Guidance on stage at the ESSENCE Festival to compete for $25,000. The connections with entrepreneurs and investors were so phenomenal in New Orleans last year that I was ecstatic to see they were having something in the Midwest! PowerMoves.NOLA brings early-stage and high-growth minority entrepreneurs together to gain access to capital, advisors, and support to help them be successful. For all my high-growth, minority entrepreneurs and investors interested in good deals, you want to get involved with PowerMoves.NOLA!

Photo Courtesy of PowerMoves.NOLA

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Creating a Company on Your Own Terms - Miss Jessie’s Book Review

Miko and Titi Branch, founders of Miss Jessie’s, revolutionized the hair care industry by catering to an overlooked group of women – women with curly hair. Their book, Miss Jessie's: Creating a Successful Business from Scratch - Naturally, shares Miko and her sister’s journey in developing the concept of Miss Jessie’s to launching their products across major retailers around the country.  Of course as a fellow business owner, I was interested in the lessons I could learn around starting and growing a company (although many of the lessons are applicable in life, period). Here are some of the key themes I pulled from the book about creating a company on your own terms.

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How to Find Your Ideal Customers

Being an entrepreneur and having a business is not just about controlling your own career or creating your own financial destiny; it’s also about serving others – your customers. Running a company is about helping others solve a problem by providing a solution that was not easily available to them before. But how do you know if your product is the right solution for your customers? Just as important, how do you find the right customers who are willing to pay for your product? Finding your right target audience is crucial and here are some pointers on how to find your ideal, paying customer.

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