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How to Raise Money for Your Startup: Create Milestones and Money

Two of the most important things an entrepreneur needs in her business are goals and revenue. If your company isn’t making money (or raising money) then you are not a business. But knowing the right milestones and goals to pursue that positions your company for growth and investment can be confusing. Once I started to understand how to create Revenue-Generating Milestones™ and tying them to action items and dollar signs, I was in a much better place to position my company to generate revenue and be attractive to investors. To help you move further along, here are five tips and a FREE workbook that will help you create Revenue-Generating Milestones™ and money.

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How To Overcome Your Fear and Get the Results You Want

Sometimes the hardest and scariest thing to do is to take an idea and try to make a business out of it. It’s natural to be nervous or scared when starting something new, but always remember that regardless of what happens, “You will be okay!” Entrepreneurship is just one more challenge for you to overcome. Here are four types of past experiences you can pull from to help you overcome your current fears to get the results you want.

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