What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.
— Albert Pine

Online Startup Strategist, Tech Founder, and Coach that helps entrepreneurs to go From Idea to $500,000 in 14 Months - just like she did.


Nichelle McCall

Nichelle is a tech founder and Startup Strategist. Since 2007, Nichelle has provided startup advice to hundreds of entrepreneurs and startup business owners. Many of them have gone on to raise millions in early-stage funding. She has been both a funder and a business owner (three-time startup founder), so is uniquely positioned to empathize and understand what entrepreneurs need at the start of their journey.

Nichelle McCall understands the impact education and access to resources can have on a person, their family, and community. She grew up in Cleveland, Ohio where her local high school was designated failing. Her mother worked three jobs to send her to a college prep school, where she received the support and resources to help her attend college well-prepared. Many of her neighbors did not have access to those same resources and they have had very different outcomes in their lives. This is part of Nichelle’s driving force to provide others with the knowledge and resources to help them flourish in their businesses.

Nichelle speaks and coaches aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs on how to create investment-ready tech or online startups. Out of all the venture-backed companies in the country, only 8% have women founders and 1% have African American founders. The stat is less than .2% for black women founders that have received venture funding. As a tech entrepreneur, Nichelle raised $500,000 for her own software company, BOLD Guidance, in a little over one year. She is also the creator of From Idea to $500,000 in 14 Months, an accessible, do-it-yourself program to getting early-stage investment for your startup.

After working with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Cleveland Foundation, National League of Cities, and Baldwin Wallace University, Nichelle decided to create her own company rather than leave her financial future in the hands of someone else. She has been an entrepreneur for many years and teaches other aspiring entrepreneurs how to overcome challenges to build their dream startup.

Nichelle has appeared in INC Magazine, FORTUNE, ESSENCE, Crain’s, Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, and SXSW (South by Southwest). She has been recognized as a Black Woman Tech Founder to Watch, Young Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, and one of Forty Under 40 professionals. 

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One of Nine Black Tech Woman Entrepreneurs to Watch.
— Kathryn Finney, INC Magazine